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B&C Pest Control has been keeping homes and families safe from pests since 2003! 

Residential Pest Control can become very expensive to the unknowing home owner. Protect your investment with a B&C Service Plan for peace of mind and assurance.

Packages & Pricing

Basic Package $33 / Month


  Guaranteed Control Of: 

Spiders, all species of roaches, all species of ants (excludes carpenter ants), mites, carpet beetles, firebrats, silverfish, moths, pantry pests and house crickets.


Premium Package $45 / Month


  Guaranteed Control Of:

All pests included in the basic package PLUS

scorpions, carpenter ants, rats, mice, bees and wasps.  

Ultimate Package $70 / Month


  Guaranteed Control Of:

All pests included in both the basic and premium packages 


subterranean termite control, bed bugs, fleas, ticks, mosquitos and animal removal.

*Without this package, average termite treatment costs $2300.00 

*Without this package, average bed bug treatment is $300 per room



How do you control pests if you are only treating the outside of my home or business?

Our protective barrier fights off all the unwanted creepy crawlers that are trying to enter your home in the central Texas areas. 

Why should I hire a B & C Service Pro when you can learn everything online?

Our service pros are trained to find the safest, most effective, and proper methods while following all safety guidelines and precautions set forth by Pest Control industry leaders. 

How often should pest control be done?

Typical pest control programs should be performed at least quarterly. Some extenuating circumstances may require monthly. 

Is it safe for my kids and pets?

Absolutely!! But if you're still worried you can always ask about our 100% green service plans! 

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